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Staying home will never sound more enticing at Avida Settings Lipa. The developers are known for building quality yet contemporary homes that meet even the most discerning tastes of home buyers. For an affordable house and lot community, you will find a rich collection of amenities to ensure that you live your best life!

First and foremost, modern living starts with the beautifully designed homes that meet the standard of home building from Avida Land. Every detail is handpicked to ensure that you can experience not only quality but also a beautiful aesthetic design. You no longer have to allot money on customization and innovation with the home design as the developers made sure you have a home that you can be proud of!

Aside from the modern homes and quality designs, Avida Settings Lipa also boasts of being an exclusive community as it is a fully-fenced development. The safety and security of the homeowners is a major priority. The developers therefore made sure to fence the entire development site so that only the residents, authorized guests and personnel have access to the community. You can feel safe and secure once you step inside the neighborhood.

The landscaped main entry is also a staple of all Avida Land developments. You can expect the same with Avida Settings Lipa. The moment you walk in, you can get an insight into the beautiful scenery that awaits you when you get inside. There are also lots of green spaces sprinkled throughout the development to bring the essence of nature to your home. It is not your typical modern concrete development as you can relish in the fresh quality of the air in the Batangas suburban community. No matter where you are in the development site, you are sure to find landscaped parks and open spaces near you. 

There is also a multi-purpose hall provided at Avida Settings Lipa. This serves as the central amenity area, which can be used by homeowners for holding special occasions such as birthday parties, reunions, and other special events. Make memories with your friends and family right at home. It will add convenience to your life and your celebrations by using the multi-purpose hall as your venue of choice.

If you want to relax or stay active, you can also find a host of other amenities at Avida Settings Lipa. One of that is the swimming pool area. You will be delighted to know that there are two types of swimming pools available: adult and kiddie pools. The entire family can therefore gather around in this area during weekends or special celebrations. You can indulge in recreational activities of swimming and other types of fun without paying extra on resort fees. 

Aside from the swimming pool, there is also a basketball court and children’s playground area. There is something for every member of the family and for all ages to enjoy at Avida Settings Lipa. Other notable facilities and amenities that you may enjoy at this development include 24-hour roving security, reliable water and power source, and cable or telephone facilities.

  • Adult and Kiddie Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Children's Park and Playground
  • Clubhouse/Multi-purpose Hall
  • Open Spaces and Landscaped Parks
  • Landscaped Main Entry
  • Grove and Picnic Area
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